Members of Opposition Criticized Zvizdic’s Speech

February 15, 2015 8:00 AM

zvizdicIn a hundred-minute speech, Zvizdić stated that the priorities of his work concerning the Euro-Atlantic integration, the fight against corruption and economic development of the country.

In a discussion about his speech, only members of the opposition talked and their greatest grievances were directed to the fact that Zvizdić did not send the deputies his speech before the official address.

SDP member Saša Magazinović said that the speech was too long, but also comprehensive and he agreed with many things Zvizdić stated, especially when it comes to unblocking the European path towards BiH and the focus is on resolving the issues of young people, but he also stressed that this is a “society of equal opportunity”.

He thinks it is good that the environment is one of his priorities, as well as economy and tourism and many other areas which are, as Magazinović stated, not that important to other governments and even the Council of Minsters so far.

However, Magazinović stressed that the appointment of Zvizdić is an issue of political dels and that he will not support it because the SDP is an opposition party, adding that the way in which SDP votes has nothing to do with how good Zvizdić’s program is.

His colleague from the party caucus Denis Bećirović praised Zvizdić’s commitment to the fight against corruption, adding that it is necessary to have deadlines for accomplishing promised goal and that members of SDP wish that he arms himself with patience and tolerance.

Member of the Party of Democratic Activities (A-SDA) Jasmin Emrić also praised the announced changes, reforms and economic development and work on meeting the requirements for membership in the European Union which is why he will support his speech, but said he would not support the processes that are not in line with those in the speech.

Zaim Backović, deputy of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Patriotic Party (BPS), recalled that the presented program should have a political conformity, otherwise there will be disharmony in implementing the priorities.

SBB deputies have criticized Zvizdić for not delivering his speech so they could participate in the exposé better participate, and they also criticized not having been delivered his biography.


(Source: vijesti)


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