Members of the Association Pomozi.ba shared Food and Drinks to the Participants of the Peace March

foodParticipants of the “Peace March 2015”, which headed yesterday to Potočari to pay tribute to the victims and commemorate two decades of genocide, received their food and drinks in Snagovo.

Meals were provided by the Association Pomozi.ba from Sarajevo, as the part of the activity “All of us for 50,000 of them”. 5,000 yogurts and sandwiches were given as well as 3,000 bottles of water and 1,000 packages of biscuits.

The distribution of food has been plan for 1 p.m., but the “March” was nearly two hours late. Members of the Association said that the trip is not easy and that the heat is causing additional difficulties. Few thousand people are on the road, and there is a large number of foreigners among them. The participants are moving in the groups.

The Association Pomozi.ba stated that in this way they got involved in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of genocide and paying the tribute to the victims. They believe that the value of togetherness will be shown this way.

They announced that they will keep supporting participants of the “March” in the following years, which is one of the activities in focus reminding on horrific crimes.

Peace March, which will be lasting for three days, started yesterday, and has three stages. Each stage is between 25 and 30 kilometers long.

The March started from village Nezuk, the municipality of Sapna.


(Source: klix.ba)

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