Members of the Armed Forces of BiH attend High Military Schools

August 29, 2018 2:00 PM

The Minister of Defense of BiH, Marina Pendes, met with high-ranked officers of the Armed Forces of BiH, who are attending military schools and who will go to the Republic of Croatia at the Croatian Military Academy Franjo Tudjman”, the Military Academy of Serbia and the Military Academy KoV of the Republic of Turkey.

One colonel will be sent to Command-Staff Training in the Republic of Serbia, while four colonels will be sent to General Staff Training. A total of fifteen members will be trained in the Republic of Croatia, i.e. two brigadiers in the War School of Ban Jelacic, seven colonels in the Intergranic Command-Headquarters and six members on officers’ education, while one colonel of the AF BiH will be educated in the Republic of Turkey.

On this occasion, Minister Pendes wished successful education and training to members of AF BiH in the countries they are leaving, and noted her expectation that they will represent the state of BiH in the best way possible, and that they will contribute to a greater degree of professionalism in the defense system of BiH as future leaders after they return.

(Source: Sarajevo Times)


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