Members of Bosnian Border Police prevented Entering of 170 Migrants in only One Day



Members of Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina prevented more than 170 illegal border crossings on Saturday.

According to the Border Police, five people were deterred from trying to cross the state border illegally in the area of Trebinje.

In the north of BiH, in the area of Izacic, 17 citizens of Afghanistan were prevented from crossing the border between BiH and Croatia, while the largest number was found in the area of Zvornik.

Also, members of the BPBiH deterred as many as 150 people from crossing into the territory of BiH from Serbia. These are migrants who try to reach Bosnia and Herzegovina on their way to the countries of the European Union every day.

Namely, as expected, warmer weather and the relaxation of restrictive measures due to the coronavirus pandemic favored an increasing number of attempts at illegal border crossings on the migrant route.

On May 31st, members of Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina have prevented 120 migrants from Serbia from entering Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Migrants were caught in Debela Međa near Zvornik. Bosnian Border Police confirmed that the migrants tried to cross the Drina River in an area where the water level is very shallow.

(Source: Avaz, Vijesti.ba)

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