Member of B&H Presidency received at the Inaugural Visit the Newly Appointed Ambassador of Italy to B&H

radmanović i italijaMember of the B&H Presidency Nebojša Radmanović received today in Sarajevo at the inaugural visit the Ambassador of Italy to B&H Ruđero Korijaz, was released from the Presidency.

Radmanović and newly appointed ambassador Korijaz discussed the bilateral relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Italy, as well as the current political situation in B&H.

Radmanović welcomed Korijaz and wished him a successful work during his mandate in B&H.

He complimented the work of the previous ambassador of Italy to B&H, and expressed his belief that the very good cooperation between Italy and Bosnia and Herzegovina will be continued.

Radmanović and Korijaz expressed the mutual satisfaction about the good bilateral relations of two countries in terms of economic cooperations and political support provided by Italy to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the European integration process.

Radmanović and Korijaz agreed that there is still room for improvement in regard to economic cooperation between the two countries especially in the energy sector and that should be joint efforts to work in this sector.

The Ambassador Korijaz was interested in the development of the current political situation in B&H, as well as the constitutional reform process, which are crucial for the further European path of B&H.


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