Mehmedović: My Arrest is a Pure Revenge; ZUBAC: Prosecution has Obstructed the Investigation

mehmedović š.By: Nevena Šarenac

Goran Zubac, director of the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA), announced yesterday that they would reveal evidences that the BiH Prosecution has obstructed  investigation against Šemsudin Mehmedović, SDA representative in the Parliament, who is suspected of war crimes against Serbs in Tešanj.

Members of SIPA arrested Mehmedović on Friday, 19th  July, without the prosecutor order, but Mehmedovic was released in afternoon because the prosecution did not accept the request for his detention.

SIPA announced on Friday that they poses evidences that Mehmedović influenced witnesses and threaten to the SIPA investigators. From SIPA were announced on Friday that they have evidence that Mehmedović influence the witnesses in the investigation and threatened investigators SIPA.

“This is the first time that our request for the premises search was not approved. I shall submit documentary evidence and statements by investigators about the threats addressed to SIPA investigators  and for four months Prosecution does not react. Is someone supposed to get killed so they react?”, was stated by Zubac, among other things, during he was addressing to members of the Joint Commission for Defense and Security of BiH Parliament.

The Prosecution stated on Friday  that the arrest of the Mehmedović was not carried out by the order of BiH Prosecution neither the prosecutor knew about these activities.

The Prosecution’s press release stated that “the Prosecution will not succumb to any pressure, and does not want and will not be subject of any mutual bickering’ political and of other officials in BiH”.

Mehmedović has accused the SIPA director Zubac for the murder of Bosnian civilian in Ilidza 1992 when testing the pistol he received as a gift from the JNA officer.

 The lawyer of Mehmedović, Mr Nermin Vila, stated that Mehmedovic was supposed to be witness in the case against Goran Zubac, an hour and a half prior to his arrest.

 Upon his leave from the prosecution, Mehmedović stated to the gathered journalists that his arrest was a pure revenge.

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