Mehmedić and Pindžo expelled from SBiH

December 6, 2012 12:19 PM

The president of the political party for Bosnia and Herzegovina (SB&H) Amer Jerlagić told today that Besim Mehmedić and Mirsad Pindžo were expelled from the political party because they have secretly negotiated the formation of the majority in the Assembly of Canton Sarajevo.

First they have talked with the SDP B&H about the process of keeping the majority in the Assembly, but then, without knowledge of the authorities of SB&H they negotiated with SDA political party, which for Jerlagić was a question of personal interest for Besim Mehmedić and Mirsad Pindžo.

Fikreta Mulaosmanović and Sabahudin Hodžić were not expelled but have willingly abandoned the political party. All of them attended the meeting yesterday, where Jerlagić opened the discussion in which all party members expressed their opinion and talked about the acts of the aforementioned political party members.


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