Mehmed Cavkic: Being Sara’s Father means being a proud Father

All children are born with the same needs – to grow up, to be loved, to socialize. It is harder for some children to reach that goal, and it is on us to adapt to it and make it easier for them.

“Some of them reach it faster, some slower, but it is important to reach the goal. My message to everyone is that we need to help those slower ones, so that they reach their goal as well,” said father Mehmed Cavkic from Bihac.

His daughter Sara had three heart surgery after she was born. She was two months in a coma after her second surgery. Problems related to Sara’s recovery started after that, and her parents did everything possible in order to bring their daughter into regular education and social flows.

She first went to school in the settlement Cavkici, near their family home, and later she went to a new school in Bihac. She was afraid if she would fit in it. But now she enjoys every day, and she loves school subjects, including sports, classes of music and art. She says that the school is most deserving for her progress, as well as herself, because she has a great will to learn and study.

Since last year, Sara has the opportunity to further improve her skills and increase her potential since the Center for Development of Inclusive Practices (CRIP) was opened in Bihac, with the help of the Save the Children organization. Children with developmental disabilities have the opportunity to get a comprehensive support service in CRIP, with the aim of their better integration into regular education.

“The opening of the CRIP in Bihac had a positive influence not only on Sara, but on other children who need any kind of help as well: socializing, workshops, physical treatments and conversations with psychologists,” stated Mehmed.

Sara’s father wants a secured education and a better future for his daughter.

“I believe that it is very important to provide inclusive education for children with developmental difficulties in the early age, so that they can be strengthened for years, and to get the most out of them. We do not know what the future brings. These are the things we all live with, and we have to fight,” said Mehmed.

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