Meggle Champion of the Dairy Industry in BiH

Meggle (Nap)Research conducted during the month of December by the agency Ipsos, confirmed that, when dairy products are concerned, the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina opti for brand Meggle, announced BiH news agency Patria.

The results show that among the ten most abundant producers of dairy products in the market of BiH, Meggle holds the first place as the most recognizable, most used, most popular and most purchased brand.

Around Bosnia and Herzegovina, in large shopping centers as well as small shops, Meggle products are in each consumer’s bag. The most popular Meggle products are milk, butter, sour cream and liquid yogurt.

“These results oblige us to continue raising the quality, investing in domestic raw materials, care for progress of domestic production and two-way communication with consumers and respect of their needs” said Jadranka Penava, the General Manager of the company Meggle BiH.

Dairy Meggle from Bihac operates with several thousand cooperants, and daily processes more than 150,000 liters of milk. The company Meggle is one of the most desirable employers in BiH. Its success is based on the highest quality of domestic raw materials and demanding European standards in processing technology and quality control.

(Source: Nap)

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