Meeting of Parties intending to form Third Political Bloc in RS Today in Sarajevo

A meeting of party leaders based in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be held today at the SDP headquarters in Sarajevo, with the aim of forming the third political bloc in Republika Srpska ahead of next year’s General Elections.

It is a concept initiated by SDP members in Republika Srpska. Arrival at the meeting was previously confirmed by the Party of Democratic Action (SDA), People and Justice (NiP), Alliance for a Better Future (SBB), Our Party (NS), Democratic Front (DF), Party for BiH (SBiH), People’s European Alliance (NES), the Platform for Progress (PZP), the Croatian Party (HS), the Movement for Democratic Action (PDA) and the Independent Bloc (NB).

The new, third bloc should be a rival in the next General Elections to the parties gathered around the ruling SNSD and the second bloc gathered around the current parliamentary opposition (SDS, PDP and DNS).

According to the announcement from the SDP, the document of the “Movement for the State” will be presented to the representatives of the parties today.

The goals are: 70,000+ votes, 8-10 deputies in the National Assembly of the RS, two deputies in the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH and vice presidents from the ranks of the Bosniak and Croat people.

The parties should work together without divisions in the coming period to strengthen the BiH identity in the RS and thus permanently set the BiH civic bloc as a factor in the political decision in the RS, the SDP said in a press release.

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