What is the Meaning of Symbols on Jerseys of FC Zeljo?

zeljoFootball club Zeljeznicar unveiled three new sets of jerseys in which they will play matches in the upcoming season.

In the design of the jersey for FC Zeljeznicar and creation of visual identity for the season 2016/2017 were engaged friends of the club, experts in design and marketing, who have been engaged in the realization of several projects that are important for FC Zeljeznicar through working groups.

The design of new jerseys is simple and unique at the same time, and the basic elements are almost centuries-old symbols of the club, and the intention was to tell a unique story of FC Zeljeznicar through such a design, as announced from FC Zeljo.

“Today’s symbol of Zeljeznicar is not only a symbol of the club but also a symbol of love, unity, defiance and therefore we proudly wear it on the chest. On the new jerseys, the symbol of Zeljeznicar ‘wings and wheels’ is always on a blue background, the color of working uniforms of railway men who founded our club, while the color of jersey exist in a couple of options. This application of a symbol stated that Zeljeznicar is always the same, true to itself, and that it never changes, regardless of the environment,” said graphic designer, Edin Beslic.

On the jersey, with dominating wings on the chest, there are other details, symbols of the club. In the left lower part, on the front of the jersey is embroidered emblem of the locomotive, which should take the FC Zeljeznicar to new success, this time with the help of our new partners and sponsors from the company Diadora.

Soon will be known more information about the date and price of jerseys. Jerseys will be presented tomorrow at a press conference in the Blue Room on the Grbavica Stadium, as stated from FC Zeljeznicar.



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