Mayor of Kalesija gave up his Salary and divided Money to Citizens

mayor Dzafic KalesijaRecently elected Mayor of Kalesija, Sead Dzafic, decided to work free of charge in his four-year long mandate, or to give his salary in the amount of 2485.76 BAM to his fellow citizens who need financial assistance.

After he received the first mayoral salary, he decided to give it to his fellow citizens. The first 800 BAM went into the hands of Elvir Cajtinovic for a new wheelchair, and 500 BAM was allocated for primary school Kalesija for the purchase of table tennis equipment.

Two schoolchildren and two students from the area of this municipality received 100 BAM each, while the rest of the salary was allocated for people in need.

“I am engaged in business since 1988, and I am very humble man. I live in the environment where people tend to live simply and humanity prevailed in me so I decided to help those who really need my help. I’m not the first one do to it, but I am one of many,” said Dzafic.

Dzafic noted that he will be giving up on his salary by the end of his four-year mandate.

“I promised to give my salary to my fellow citizens during the entire term of office and I will keep my promise. The money will be allocated to the families in need and the best elementary school students, high school students, those who study and work hard and who come from poor families,” said Dzafic.

Proposals for donations are delivered to Mayor Dzafic by representatives of local communities who work in Kalesija.

Also, all those who are in need and who need this kind of assistance can contact the offices of the Municipality of Kalesija.

(Source: A. K./Klix.ba)

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