Martinbrodski Waterfalls look like in a Fairy Tale in December (Photo)

martinbrodMartinbrodski waterfalls greeted cold December, and the reconstructed bridges and lookout at the waterfalls in Martin Brod enabled the safe reception of visitors and a better experience of the overall ambiance. This gorgeous location is visited by tourists from all around the world, especially in the summer months, who are enjoying the stunning and untouched natural beauty.

Martin Brod, a village from medieval times, is located 50 kilometers from Bihac, at the point where Unac River flows into Una River. As legend says, this breathtaking place was named after a young girl called Marta who was in love with a soldier. While she was crossing the river, to get to her beloved one, the strong water flow pulled her and she was gone forever, and citizens of this area each approach to the river used to call the ship (brod), and thus it was named Martin Brod (Marta’s Ship).

Martin Brod is located on the layers of travertine for which is necessary exceptional purity of water and a few hundred species of algae, moss, insects and snails. The centuries-old process that changes the appearance of the water flow, indicates that the whole area was under the water. The nature played in the best possible way and created a multitude of waterfalls, pools, islands and waterfalls through the whole village, including Jalak, Middle, Lower, and the Great Waterfall. Great waterfall, also known as Milancev Buk, was the first on Una River and one of the most popular within the National Park Una. It is 54 meters high, and it makes beautiful travertine formations that are unique on our emerald beauty.

Martin Brod is located within the National Park Una which, among other things, aims to protect its unique ecosystem and direct the overall development of the region through economic and environmental sustainability, as well as the unique combination of cultural and historical heritage and natural beauty.



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