Marina is a Nurse, Zoran Mechanic, and they are earning for their Life by producing Furniture

Marina is a nurse, Zoran is automobile mechanic, and they are earning for their life by producing furniture. And they’re good in their job. They have won the European Market with their high gloss kitchens.

He began to varnish and then he started making furniture, and just after he successfully begin to export, the flood hit the area.

“We worked mostly for Austria, Germany, Luxemburg, Switzerland, our only advertising was that buyers were satisfied,” Zoran Blagojevic, the entrepreneur told ATV.

There are about twenty workers in production, and ten of them work in the design and next week, in Austria, we will sign the contract worth half a million BAM. This requires the expansion of new jobs and new employment.

“I have the desire that my workers go to work with a smile on their face and return home with a smile on their face,” Blagojevic adds.

Armin, a worker, did not hide the smile, saying that working time is respected, salaries are regular.

“You’ve seen the white kitchen, maybe a month or so are needed for two workers to make it, “said Armin Hrnic, a worker.

“Instead of going abroad, he decided to start his business and entrepreneurial spirit and in this case, to export the products abroad,” said Milos Bukejlovic, the vice president of the Doboj Assembly.

Paying obligations to the state, paying the workers what remains, to invest in the spread of work, it is a formula by Blagojevic.

They created a job for themselves and tens of workers. That is why they are the pride of the city.

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