The March of Peace is our Moral Obligation towards the Citizens of Vukovar

Participants of the Peace March “Srebrenica-Vukovar 2017” who departed from the Memorial Center in Potocari on a 7, 340 kilometers long march, should arrive in Vukovar on November 17. They will attend the central manifestation of the 26th anniversary on November 18, and pay tribute to the victims.

With the message – For the crime never to happen again, the Peace March from Srebrenica to Vukovar was organized by the survivors of the “March of Death” from July 1995, the Organization of Demobilized Soldiers of the Army of RBiH Srebrenica and the Association “Steps of peace “from Odzak.

“The idea for the Peace March Srebrenica – Odzak – Vukovar came as our moral obligation, primarily survivors of the “March of Death” from July 1995 and the victims of the genocide from Srebrenica towards the citizens of Vukovar who have been participating in marking the anniversary of Srebrenica genocide for a long time,” stated Salihovic.

He recalled that the citizens of Vukovar participate in the traditional Peace March from Nezuk to Potocari, as well as within the cycling ultra-marathon on the route Vukovar-Srebrenica.

Salihovic also noted that everything related to the March of Peace Srebrenica-Vukovar is conducted in accordance with the previously made plan and, among others, expressed gratitude to the Federal Administration of Civil Protection (FUCZ) for the technical support.

According to plans, participants of the Peace March Srebrenica-Vukovar 2017 will follow the route: Potocari-Konjevic Polje-Liplje-Nezuk-Kalesija-Tojsici-Tuzla-Ormanica-Gradacac-Modrica-Odzak-Prud-Samac-Slavonski Samac-Cerna-Andrijasevci- Rokovci-Vinkovci-Nustar-Vukovar, and 30 to 50 people should participate in the march, including those who will join the colony later.

(Source: klix.ba)

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