“Isa-beg Ishakovic 2018” Ceremony to be held in Sarajevo on Friday

February 28, 2018 12:30 PM

The official reception of the “Isa-beg Ishakovic 2018” event ceremony  will take place on Friday, March 2, in the City Hall, at 7 PM.

The vakufnama of Isa Bey Ishakovic and other historical acts that testify the founding of Sarajevo together with the promotion of anthology “Isa-beg Ishakovic and his time” will be presented to numerous invitees of the Association for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Isa-beg Ishakovic and under the auspices of the City Administration.”

“As one of the many generations that is left to this city as its legacy, we feel responsible to preserve and recall the character and work of Isa-beg Ishakovic. Many of our fellow citizens are not even familiar with the look or details of vakufnama and this will be a great opportunity for them to get to know this historical document,” announced Elvis Pivic, the President of the Board of the association Isa-beg Ishakovic.

The director of Historical Archives of Sarajevo, Fuad Ohranovic, noted that this institution preserves archive material in its premises, which witnesses the continuity of life in this city since its establishment until today.

“We consider our participation in this manifestation as natural, and its main aim is to reveal a forgotten date and recall an important event. We are preserving the historical memory in this way, and that is our main task,” stated Ohranovic.

The Association for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Isa-beg Ishakovic was established in the year of 2016 and its main mission is revitalization of the character and work of the founder of the city of Sarajevo, Isa-beg Ishakovic. The development of a sense of love for BiH and the protection of its traditional, spiritual and cultural being are the main aims of the Association, as well as the protection of the cultural heritage of our country and the promotion of natural, cultural and historical heritage of Isa-beg Ishakovic and BiH.

(Source: klix.ba)



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