Major General Martin Dorfer and Team undertook inspection of the Defense Company TRB

On January 24th COMEUFOR, Major General Martin Dorfer, and a small EUFOR team from the Joint Military Affairs branch in Camp Butmir, undertook an inspection of the defense company TRB (Tehnicki Remont, Bratunac*) in accordance with the EUFOR executive mandate.

COMEUFOR and his team met with the CEO of the company, Slavenko Ristic, and discussed the history of the company and its main business activities.

Welcoming COMEUFOR to the factory site in Bratunac, Mr. Ristic said: “We are pleased to host the team from EUFOR today; we are completely transparent in all our business activities as we are a global and respected defense company.”

On a tour of the factory site COMEUFOR was shown the development of new products, such as the DESPOT vehicle prototype, and the facilities for ammunition production, and small arms weapon systems.

Discussing the inspection, COMEUFOR said:

“This is routine business in accordance with the EUFOR executive mandate; I am looking forward to more visits in the future across the whole industrial military sector, in order to get a clear picture about the defense industry’s capabilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”


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