Majkic: Bosniak Politicians count on Migrants’ Votes in the Future




Bosniak politicians do not want a solution to the migrant crisis and are failing to take care of this extremely important issue, and in essence they are counting on the votes of migrants in the future, claims Dusanka Majkic, SNSD party delegate in the House of Peoples of Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Radio Sarajevo reports.

Majkic pointed out that Bosniaks, that is, the largest Bosniak political party SDA, and all other parties from Sarajevo are close to their position, believe that migrants should not be touched.

When asked what she expects from the thematic sessions of both houses of Bosnian Parliament on the migrant crisis, Majkic said that she did not expect anything.

“First of all, we should wait to see if Selmo Cikotic (SDA) will be elected Minister of Security, and even if he is, guarantee his previous political and professional biography,” Majkic told Glas Srpske.

She stated that the last session of this parliamentary house was marked by an agenda full of reports and documents from 2017 and 2018, which had to be rejected for the simple reason that they contain what does not correspond to reality.

“It was a boring session at which the House of Peoples tried to reach things that should have been adopted a long time ago. The session was marked by initiatives of minor political parties and individuals who are trying to secure the sympathy and affection of voters before the elections,” Majkic said.

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