Luxury Bikes produced in Travnik reach High Prices abroad?

In the Machine Factory Travnik (GS TMT) are produced luxury bikes for the German partner Ruff Cycles. The price of a “regular” bike is around 1,500 EUR, while a bicycle with an electric motor can reach the price up to 7,000 EUR, and their buyers are usually true lovers of unique pieces.

“We have bikes with a steel frame that are not electric and electric bikes with aluminum frames, and we definitely have no competition in the whole world. We attended the biggest bicycle fair in Germany in late September and a man gets tired while looking at the same things all over the market. We were pleased by the fact that we represented a refreshment, we offered something unique and left the visitors breathless,” said Jasmin Dzananovic, the head of the project.

The average price of the bike without an electric engine is around 1,500 EUR, while the electric version of Ruffian costs about 5,500 EUR. The price up to 7,000 EUR depends on the buyer’s wishes.

“Anyone can buy these bikes, we just need the money and the desire. We are mostly export-oriented. Our clients from Germany, the US and Australia want these products, they are young and enjoy them,” added Dzananovic.

A total of 50 steel or 60 aluminum frames are produced in the GS TMT per month, and they are aiming to increase the production to 1,200 frames per year.

They are planning to expand the production in the future, to increase the number of workplaces, and the capacities will depend on the demand. A total of 4.5 million BAM were invested in the production facilities, and it is certain that additional funds will be invested, according to the demand of the market.

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