LOLA.tees-Brand Loved by Fashion Enthusiasts in B&H

[wzslider]By: Maja Tuljković

LOLA.tees is a fashion brand from Ljubuški that was started by Jelena Džolić and Helena Bilić, who call themselves friends and entrepreneurs. They always dreamt about creative work that they could do together, and love for fashion resulted in creating their unique shirts that won over B&H and the region.

Can you first tell us what the name of your brand LOLA.tees means?

Jelena: We wanted the name to be discernable and in a way catchy, and from this idea LOLA.tees emerged. Lola means an independent girl, and tees are shirts.

Helena: LOLA is the name of an imaginary girl who is independent and self-confident, brave and free.

How did you come up with the idea to create shirts and tunics with descriptions?  

Jelena: Helena and I have been friends since elementary school and we have always shared a similar fashion style. Our wardrobe has always lacked shirts with personalized descriptions, to say something that we wanted. During college we began to come up with something for ourselves, and when we returned to Ljubuški we decided one day to try it. And this is how it all started.

Helena: Jelena and I displayed creativity from an early age, but the choice to study economics did not give us space for this. The idea of the shirts began a long time ago, but it was launched after we returned to our hometown, when we finished our education and became employed. Our work with this was in some way an escape into creativity and an outlet and something in which we found ourselves.

Where do you find the labels for the shirts? What is your inspiration?   

Jelena: We find ideas on the Internet, from the sayings of famous people, some life situations, etc.

Helena: We find inspiration in everyday activities, developments, during coffee with friends, in going out, taking walks, etc. It is not difficult to find inspiration when beautiful nature and wonderful people surround you.

How can people order T-shirts? Is it possible for people to have the text that they want written on the shirts?

Jelena: Shirts can be ordered through our Facebook page (LOLA.tees) or via email at Before we had a series of shirts with specific description. Now we want to satisfy customers, so we do the inscriptions on the shirts based on what the customer wants.

Helena: Jelena explained it. Most of our orders go through Facebook. We mostly advertise through Facebook and we have an open profile with over 6,500 fans. In addition, we have a Facebook profile called Zanovijetak Cvijetak, and an Etsy site and Instagram profile.

Helena, you mentioned a Facebook profile Zanovijetak Cvijetak. That is another brand with which LOLA.tees is associated. What is this?

Helena: These are unique floral brooches, which I started to create three years ago and I am still doing them. Zanovijetak was a good basis for Lola, because we connected customers and the public that we had with it.

What are your goals for the future? Will you present at fashion events? Will you expand your range?

Jelena: We are always expanding our fashion range, and create several new models of shirts. Now our production is based on shirts, and we hope to expand this in the future. The next fashion presentation that we plan is KreARTiva Festival. This is a fashion fair that should take place in the spring and we plan to participate in this.

Helena: We have a lot of plans, from extending our range to similar projects. We are aware of the uncertainty of the market and that we constantly have to change, to adopt and improve. Also, we have some cooperation that are still a small business secret, but the public will be informed on time.

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