Local Population near Vitez managed to save the River again

The locals from the village of Kruscica who blocked the road with the aim to block the machines that were headed to the construction site of a mini hydropower plant, succeeded in their intentions. The machines returned, and the battle for River Kruscica is continued.

The enthusiasm of residents of Kruscica followed right after the departure of the trucks with the machines.

“This is not a victory, it is a sad what is happening. The police should be doing this. The gentleman who wanted to go through with the machines does not have any valid paper for the construction. He has an urban permit and construction permit that was issued by the ministry. That is a matter of politics, he has nothing from the court. Higracon lost the concession back in 2014, so what are we talking about here,” said Tahira Tibold.

She added that police officers were fair and correct. They had to follow the orders of their superiors and had to do their job.

This is not the first protest of residents of Kruscica because of the construction of a mini hydroelectric power plant on the pearl of tourism of this area, which is attracting a large number of tourists every year.

They added that Kruscica River is a source of drinking water for Zenica and Vitez, and that it needs to be preserved as such, but that the support of these municipalities is necessary for the interest and well-being of all users of drinking water of Kruscica.

(Source: E. M./Klix.ba)



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