Lidl is interested in the former Retirement Home in Nedzarici

The retirement home in Nedzarici, located in the area of the Municipality of Ilidza, which the Federal Institute for Pension and Disability Insurance has been trying to sell for a long time, did not get a new owner during the last attempt to sell. However, it is known that a serious buyer has appeared and that the sale should finally be made at the next public invitation.

Namely, as it was confirmed by the Institute, no bids were received for the recent public invitation for submission of bids through sealed envelopes.

The bids were supposed to be submitted by May 18th, and their opening and direct negotiations with the bidders were scheduled for June 4th. The Institute assumes that the short deadlines were the reason why there were no official offers.

One of the reasons, they assume in the Institute, could be the fact that one of the potential former buyers, the Syrian Abdullah Mehdi, is asking for a refund of the deposit.

The Retirement Home was once sold to his company Capital Holding for 10.3 million BAM, but the sale contract was annulled because the buyer did not settle the agreed obligations.

”He managed to record the dispute in the land register, which brought some doubts in the business world. He did ask for a refund, we think there is no basis for that, but even if he goes to court, it cannot affect the new invitation for sale, ” it was told by the Institute.

As it was found out, the government is convinced that the facility will finally be sold in the next attempt since there are potential buyers. It is almost certain that the new buyer will be the German retail chain Lidl, which is in the phase of entering the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and which failed to apply for the previous invitation.

The area of the attraction of the location for sale is 17.611 square meters with devastated buildings, at a starting price of 10.3 million BAM, eKapija writes.

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