Let’s Help little Bajro Hodzic to get a new Home

December 27, 2017 8:45 AM

Thirteen-year-old boy Bajro Hodzic from the village Nocejevici near Kladanj lives in an uninhabitable house together with his severely ill father, and they welcomed winter days bwtween the cold walls.

This student of the eighth grade in the Primary School Stupari did not have a carefree childhood like his peers.

He is spending his days in a house that is in a very bad condition and without heating, and his ill father is not able to work, so they have no money for basic food and groceries.

There is an additional problem as well, namely, part of the roof of the house was destroyed in the storm, and the roof is now leaking.

In order to provide a new home for this boy and his father, members of the Humanitarian organization “Let’s be humane (Budimo ljudi)” from Srebrenik, led by their president Zaim Besic, initiated the humanitarian action for the construction of a new house.

“We found out about this sad story from their neighbors and we started activities of raising the money for them. We are hoping to collect the needed amount soon, in order to start with the works on the construction of the house. A certain number of people from our Diaspora also contacted us and they are ready to help,” said Besic.

This humanitarian organization was established three years ago, and they implemented seven projects so far, within which families in social need got new homes.

Everyone who want to participate in this humanitarian action can do it by payments to the following account:

UG Humanitarian organization “Budimo Ljudi”

Street Bosanskih branilaca bb, Srebrenik 75350

ID: 4210202140008

Tel: 00387 60/734 24 37 6 (Zaim Besic)

e-mail: humanitarnaorg.budimoljudi@gmail.com

Bank Account: 1610000142460031 Raiffeisen bank BiH


IBAN CODE: BA391610000142460031

(Source: A. K./Klix.ba)




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