Less money for the army forces and MIP, and a raise for the judiciary and the police

November 23, 2012 1:07 PM

In the draft of the budget of the institutions and the international obligations of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the 2013, more money is planned for the judicial institutions and the security sector, while the budget planned for ministries of defense and foreign affairs are significantly smaller.

The Council of Ministers addressed the draft to the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The budget according to the draft is 1, 738 billion BAM. For the finance of B&H institutions the draft proposed 950 million, and for the finance of the external debt an amount of 788, 48 million BAM.

The draft also proposed 522.16 million for gross salaries and wages of employees in the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is about 3 million BAM less than this year, while the costs of employee benefits are increased for another 3.5 million and amounted to 114 million BAM.

Expenses for electricity are planned in the amount of 20.5 million, which is an increase of 739,000 BAM than in 2012. For the purchase of materials 48.84 million BAM are planned, which is a higher amount for 21.1 million, while for transportation and fuel 13.4 million BAM is planned, which is an increase of 2.3 million compared to the budget of 2012.

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