Leonardo DiCaprio continues to support the Fight for Rivers in BiH

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio once again showed on his Instagram profile that he is closely monitoring the fight for rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), this time praising the success of citizens in preventing the construction of two small hydroelectric power plants on the Neretvica river.

He shared this good news for the rivers of BiH with his followers, pointing out that the Ministry of Physical Planning has canceled building permits for two small hydropower projects on, as he wrote, the “beautiful river Neretvica”. “The local community and their non-governmental organizations ‘Let me flow’ and ‘Green Neretva’, represented by the legal team at the Arhaus Center, organized a legal challenge and protests over these two projects. Also, the community formally asked the cantonal prosecutor’s office to consider filing criminal charges against public officials who violated the law by issuing permits without consulting the public, ” he explained the course of events and the way in which the citizens managed to win.

Also, he stated that the local communities on the Neretvica are fiercely opposed to any construction projects on their river.

“The accusations are still ongoing, but if they pass, it will be a strong warning signal to other local politicians to respect the rule of law,” he wrote.

Namely, despite the fact that the construction of small hydroelectric power plants Srijanski most and Gorovnik was almost a “done deal”, citizens and activists still managed to preserve the mouth of the river Neretvica by winning the revocation of building permits for both small hydroelectric power plants, writes.


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