Lawyer Feraget: Davor Dragicevic is Alive and Healhty

“Davor Dragicevic is alive and healthy. I do not know where he is and obviously, he has a great fear of returning to Banja Luka,” Dragicevic’s lawyer Ifet Feraget told Federal News Agency.

He added that Davor Dragicevic made a contact for the first time after his disappearance and that he does not have a direct contact with him or any information.

“I was hoping that everything is all right with him. I saw a video recording that Davor published. He’s alive and healthy, but we have no direct contact,” Feraget said.

Feraget thinks that currently, the focus is shifted from the official investigation of the murder of Dragicevic’s son David, on the Dragicevic, as being fugitive.

He is not a fugitive, he is the victim of the system. This is a man who started the avalanche behind him, attracted the attention of the entire BiH and world public and the example as well as Muriz Memic of a dignified and courageous citizen who is trying to win his own right, Feraget added.

Feraget thinks that the case should be taken by the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH because the conditions are fulfilled and that “it is quite clear that prosecutors who have not yet conducted an adequate investigation due to major omissions in the investigation are unable to investigate themselves.”

“Someone has to answer questions about who killed David and who brought this whole situation,” Feraget said.

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