Large Number of People in Bosnia-Herzegovina are ill and live in Poverty


A large number of people in Bosnia and Herzegovina are living in poverty, and unfortunately, more and more people are suffering lately, whose lack of money is a major obstacle to healing.

The Pomozi.ba humanitarian association has been helping people in need in many different ways for many years, and it is of particular importance to us to support those who are struggling with serious illnesses.

Therefore, in view of the increasing number of appeals to raise money for medical treatment, diagnostics, surgery both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad, they have opened an internal non-purpose fund for these purposes. The goal is to provide timely support and help as many people as possible in the most difficult times of life.

“And so far, we have donated hundreds of thousands of stamps for medical treatment from funds raised from bazaars, donation boxes and payments from citizens for treatment actions. In order to always have a certain amount of funds available for the seriously ill persons, we have now opened a non-earmarked treatment fund, from which smaller donations (several thousand BAM each) will be made, depending on need, was stated from Pomozi.ba.

Humanitarian number 17022 will be used exclusively for the non-purpose fund for the treatment of the Association Pomozi.ba, with a donation of 2 BAM.

The number is unique to all operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Anyone who wants to donate money to this fund can do the following.




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