Important Business Meeting of the Diaspora to be held in Sarajevo soon

With the support of USAID project “Diaspora Invest”, on August 9, this year, Sarajevo will host the meeting of entrepreneurs from BH Diaspora at the event “Restart”, which is organized for the third consecutive year by

Project coordinator of “Restart”, Aisa Telalovic, said that the main focus of this year’s gathering is “building bridges”, i.e. the potential for connecting the diaspora and BH entrepreneurs who can contribute to the economic development of BiH.

“We will discuss the sector of use of information technology for providing services and the production sector. These are activities that are constantly increasing, opening up new workplaces, and we are constantly hearing about the success of investments,” said Telalovic.

When it comes to the production sector, the main focus of this conference will be on investors and companies from the sector of metal, plastics and construction.

Potential participants can obtain all information about application and presentation of their own ideas and companies, through the online platform

“Everyone interested can contact us, the event is open to professionals from BiH and diaspora, potential buyers and suppliers, and representatives of companies that would like to work with BH Diaspora,” stated Telalovic.




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