Lamija Begagić, the Winner of the Award “Grah za Iliju Ladina”, Handing of the award on Thursday 22August at the Gallery Zvono

lamijaLamija Begagić, the winner of the famous literary award “Grah za Iliju Ladina” (Beans for Ilija Ladin) will get her award on Thursday 22nd August, at 21 pm at the gallery Zvono.

Lamija Begagić with her poem titled “Pišeš li” managed to evoke the spirit of Ladin’s poetry, primarily from the tremendous expression whose power is concentrated in one picture. As with Ladin,  the poetry of Lamija Begagić is based on the repetitive figures that encourages  readers to actively communicate with the text. Her poetic thought is circular: between simple images of everyday life and it always come back with strong imperative of writing as the only act of understanding the world, announced the jury that awarded the prize.

The jury was made of Kristina Ljevak, Saša Bukvic and Segor Hadžagić.



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