KTK is one of the most Successful Post-War Privatizations in Visoko

KTK VisokoAround 80 workers of the state company KTK Visoko, shoes facility, should start with the work in the next few days, after which the Management will further actualize negotiations with potential customer that would privatize this facility of the former biggest leather and textile company in the former Yugoslavia.

This was confirmed by the general manager of KTK, Senad Bilalovic. He said the worker from KTK will produce shoes for the most renowned European companies, and that it should stay like that until the privatization of this facility by some customer.

KTK has a recognizable brand, I think that the best solution for our company in this moment is the privatization of its remaining facilities. It turned out to be true at examples of the privatization of several technological segments of KTK by Prevent. Our workers have secure and regular salaries with the new employer“, said Bilalovic adding that the state company as it is KTK, can hardly bear with other companies at the market, when you take into account that only in Visoko, there are five companies for leather procession and that they work with far more modern facilities than ones in KTK.

“All workers who met conditions for the retirement, were retired. Part of our workers moved to the company Prevent, after this company privatized some technological segments of KTK. We are soon planning to link an internship for additional 150 workers, who are currently at the Employment Bureau“, said Bilalovic.


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