“Kritična masa” to organize another Bicycle Ride in Sarajevo

Kritična masa Sarajevo oslobodjenje.baRecreational bicycle ride “Kritična masa Sarajevo” is to be held today in Sarajevo.

Bicycle club Trek Team Sarajevo invites all cyclists to join them in this ninth recreational ride, which will this time as well start in front of the National Museum in Sarajevo at 5 p.m.

Due to numerous suggestions by the cyclists, as of now the ride “Kritična masa Sarajevo” will only be held on Saturdays.

The route of the ninth “Kritična masa Sarajevo” goes as listed: in front of the National Museum, across the intersection at the US Embassy, street Zmaja od Bosne, on Otoka left across the bridge of Congressman McCloskey, turning left down the Gradacacka street, next to the Bosmal skyscraper down the street Azize Sacirbegovic, then again left towards the bridge on Malta and then right down the street Zmaja od Bosne all the way to the National Museum.

It is important to note that, this time as well, the cyclists will be supported by the MIA, and already on October 3rd 2015 the next, big 10th “Kritična masa Sarajevo” will be held at which the arrival of numerous cycling clubs and recreational cyclists is expected.

The “Kritična masa Sarajevo” can be followed on their Facebook profile HERE.


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