Komsic wrote to Rangel: Some ethnic Political Forces rejected the Resolution on BiH

Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Zeljko Komsic, sent a letter to the Special Rapporteur of the European Parliament for BiH, Paulo Rangel, in which he expressed satisfaction with the adopted Resolution on BiH in the Parliament of the European Union (EU), and warned of the fact that some policies in BiH rejected the content of this Resolution.

As agency Fena found out, Komsic thanked in the letter for the recently adopted Resolution on BiH, which very precisely and accurately shows the situation in our country.

“I also consider it crucial that the Resolution protects the fundamental values of the EU when it comes to the rule of law, the fight against corruption, democracy, stable and functional institutions, as well as the protection of individual civil rights, as one of the necessary European standards,” he noted.

He especially pointed out the importance of the part of the Resolution, which tells that “Two schools under one roof” are an expression of complete ethnic segregation and discrimination, inherent only in totalitarian systems where human rights and fundamental freedoms are not respected at all.

“But, unfortunately, there are anachronistic politics and political actors in BiH, who recently rejected the Resolution on BiHthrough official conclusions, demanding explicit retention of the current situation in BiH, which was established as systemic discrimination in five judgments of the European Court of Human Rights – Sejdic/Finci, Zornic, Pilav, Slaku, and Pudaric. I would like to inform you that I am fully committed and determined to fulfil 14 key priorities from the Opinion of the European Commission on BiH’s application for membership in the EU since it improves the political and economic system of my country and thus creates opportunities for equality of all citizens, ” Komsic wrote.

Finally, he expressed his belief that “together in cooperation with the institutions of the EU, we can remove all blockades in BiH, which are caused by particular ethnic interests, and to the detriment of human rights and fundamental freedoms of the BiH citizens.”

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