Komsic: The Russian Unit has been called for quite different Reasons to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Member of Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zeljko Komsic in a press release highlighted several important facts regarding the situation with the arrival of a Russian military unit that allegedly had already disinfected hospital facilities in Banja Luka, and an attempt to have the same unit perform similar work at a hospital in Mostar.

“Any clinical centre, if unable to disinfect the premises of the clinical centre itself, can hire a firm engaged in such business. I am quite sure that the clinical centers in Banja Luka and Mostar have previously hired such firms that can effectively carry out this work,” said Komsic.

“Also, I am sure that these facts are also known by those who called on the Russian Army unit as alleged assistance in the fight against coronaviruses. All this naturally raises the question of the real purpose of inviting and arriving the Russian military unit in BiH, namely in Banja Luka and Mostar, when there are companies and military units in BiH that can do the job faster and more efficiently, “said Komsic.

He added that the Bosnian Border Police can provide information on the manner of their first entry into BiH, as well as the procedure at the border of BiH when leaving that unit and returning to the Republic of Serbia.

“Given that the presence of this unit of the Russian army in our country is completely unnecessary and given that this unit was called to BiH for quite different reasons than those publicly listed and that it is one type, as soldiers and intelligence officers like to say  the activities of the so-called special, psychological activities, I believe the same, neither should have come to BiH nor should be returned again. As a member of Bosnian Presidency, I want to say publicly that I am absolutely against such activities on the territory of BiH, “Komsic concluded.


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