Do you know the Story about how a Refugee from BiH Ivan Alandzak joined the US Army?

August 20, 2017 2:00 PM

Ivan Alandzak, a sergeant, serves in the 354th Engineering Brigade as a water and fuel maintenance technician at the Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska, according to the official website of Eielson Air Force Base.

However, back then, a five-year-old Ivan Alandzak, as well as many other children, had to deal with the aggression against the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the spring of 1992.

By fleeing from the war and its horrors, Alandzak managed to go to Germany with his parents. He remembers all the military checkpoints and barricades through which they had to pass.

Although he saw very touching scenes in BiH, Alandzak was still attracted to the army.

He said that he still remembers soldiers who played with him while he was a child and that this memory always followed him, which was crucial for his decision to join the US army.

“Also, I love airplanes and everything about them, from the sound to the incredible feeling when it starts flying. I took the job because the officer who interviewed me said that I will be working with airplanes,” stated Ivan.

There are only a few people who would join the army after they felt the war on their skin as civilians and refugees.

Immediately after his arrival, Alandzak showed dedication and loyalty to the US as his new country.




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