Do you know what were favorite Baby Names in BiH in 2017?

The Institute for Statistics of BiH published lists of the most popular names in BiH.

Ahmed and Amina are favourite names in the FBiH, and Stefan and Marija in the RS. And which names unite us?

In the year of 2017, name Amina managed to delight majority of young parents in the FBiH, and the order of the first five girl names is following: Amina, Mejrem, Sara, Asja, Lamija.

When it comes to boy’s names in the FBiH, Ahmed is on the first place of the list. The second place went to Daris, which is followed by Amar, David and Adin.

The status on the list in the RS was unchanged, and Marija and Stefan remained on the first place.

The favorite girl names last year in the RS was Marija, and then follow Sofia, Ana, Milica and Sara.

The name Sara was on the list of the top 5 favorite names in the FBiH and in the RS. This name has a symbolic value in BiH, since both Serbs and Bosniaks give this name to their daughters.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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