Do you know how the Cafe “Three Hats” in Sarajevo looked like 100 Years Ago

tri sesiraNear the At Mejdan Park in Sarajevo, right at the foot of Bistrik, there was a café called “Three hats (Tri sesira)”.

Although the cafe no longer exists, and when you mention “Three hats” everybody will think on Skadarlija in Belgrade, there is no harm in reminding on how it used to be before.

On the photo that was created about a hundred years ago, you can see guests and staff of the cafe.

“Waiters in long coats and bow ties, white tablecloths on the tables, the gentlemen with cigars and canes, ladies with hats and beautiful hairstyles, baskets with pastries, newspapers on the stands, beverages … Das ist Walter, long before Walter, ” as stated in the commentary of this photo.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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