Klas Flour on the Market of Saudi Arabia for the first Time?

Leader of BH bakery industry, company Klas Ltd. Sarajevo, successfully exported T- 500 flour to the market of Saudi Arabia.

After several months long negotiations with the buyer from Saudi Arabia, test quantities of T-500 flour were delivered at the end of February this year, after which will follow another delivery of this well-known Klas brand in the upcoming days.

Thus, T- 500 flour will be found in more than 30 markets all over this country.

“We agreed a long-term cooperation, and the range of packages of different quantities was expanded within the new delivery. It is important to mention that the buyer decided to agree on cooperation with Klas as the most famous and largest producer of mill products with 116 years long tradition, not only in the market of BiH but also in the region,” said Haris Skiljo, the Manager of Klas Export.

The mill products of Klas are exported to more than 20 countries all over the world. A special design of the packaging of the brand Klas in Arabic Language was created for the market of Saudi Arabia, which attracted a large attention of other Arabian markets.

Klas company has modern mill with the daily capacity of 450 tons of wheat and Klas belongs to the most important manufacturers of food in this part of Europe with the total annual production capacity of 140,000 tons of food. Klas has about 500 products in its product portfolio, and around two million people are consuming some of Klas brands in their home every day.


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