Killit: Hotel Marriott will Attract new Tourists and Businessmen in B&H

mariot2-2Manager of the newly open hotel Marriott, Kayhan Killit said three days ago while talking to the press that Marriott  will surely attract new tourists and businessmen to B&H.

He added that he is very much pleased by the fact that local resources were used during the construction of this hotel and that the local experts participated too. This trend is to continue after the opening too.

“Our goal is not only for us to have profit but for Sarajevo to earn from us as well.” – he stated.

Killit announced the opening of one more Marriott hotel in the capital of B&H by May next year which will be even bigger than the one open at Čobanija. It will have 132 luxurious rooms and two presidential suites.

(Source: Novo vrijeme)

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