FB&H Vice President and Chairman of FB&H House of Representatives Agreed on Specific Steps

fehim-skaljiVice-President of FB&H Mirsad Kebo met today with the Chairman of House of Representatives of FB&H Parliament Fehim Škaljić. They discussed obligations that should be fulfilled at the beginning of the new year.

Vice-President of FB&H and the Chairman of House of Representatives of FB&H Parliament agreed that they should not lose time considering the number of major issues that should be addressed as soon as possible in FB&H in order to prevent the further crisis and loss that would impact citizens.

It was agreed that remaining obligations and urgent reforms must be implemented in accordance with the Constitution, laws and procedures. They expressed the belief that the government will be functional next year. The conversation was held in an optimistic light, especially due to the fact that political will and the atmosphere was created so that next year reforms would be determined that would prevent bribery and corruption.

Vice President Kebo and Chairman Škaljić agreed on concrete steps, of which the public would be informed later.

(Source: Avaz)

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