Kavazovic sends a Message for the upcoming Muslim Holiday

August 31, 2017 2:15 PM

“Be together, be one”

Our unity in religion shall transform into reality of doing. Let our belief near us to each other, let our hajj be our gathering place, a place where hope for a better tomorrow for all people in the world, the grand mufti of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) said in his traditional wishes for Eid al-fitr.

“In these momenta, our thoughts are with the pilgrims in Mecca. We’re proud of them and with them we’ll be praying to Allah. We’re one with them. Our unity in our religion shall also become reality of doing. Let that belief near us, let the pilgrimage be our gathering place, a place of hope for a better tomorrow for all people,” Kavazovic said.

He emphasized that “this year, many of our people are on the pilgrimage.”

“From their fiddling, we take their message, including the ones that didn’t go. Togetherness in which we’ll be the cleanliness of their religion will inspire us to increase our efforts. Therefore, let us be together, be one. Let God’s world near us and our subservience to Him unite us. I call on all believers in our beautiful country hear this call and meet his beauty in the time of deafening noise of disunity and destruction,” Kavazovic said.

According to him, the Muslim pilgrimage and Eid al-Fitr are our remembrance of the prophet Ibrahim and his sons, Ismail and Ishak.

“That’s a reminder of the roots of all monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Those messages of togetherness should be repeated again and again, so they can be heard. That’s why Muslim will share Eid tomorrow with their relatives and all of those who live in the spirit of Ibrahim’s togetherness. Let Allah accept the rites of our pilgrims and let them return to their families cleansed from their sins. Let Him accept and our prayers for us and our homeland. Let him accept sacrifices,” Kavazovic said.

He congratulated Eid al-Fitr to all Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and in the Bosniak diaspora.

(Source: N1.ba)



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