Juventus Camp and Academy in Sarajevo

[wzslider]Football Club Juventus is one of the oldest and most known clubs in the world. As a big club, Italian giant is always in move with new and inovative aproach to football culture. As an example of clubs developement is Juventus Soccer Schools project, which is spread throughout all 6 continents.

In cooperation with Birr Group from Sarajevo, the project of Juventus Soccer Schools is coming to Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2015, Birr Group has organised Juventus Camp on the pitches of International University of Sarajevo (IUS) and it was a huge sucess.

„We are aiming to bring quality brands to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Juventus is exactly what we had in mind when we decided that our goal is introduction of global brands to Bosnian society“, said Anes Memic, Project Manager of Birr Group.

Birr Group is a Sarajevo based company, which is operating in international enviroment, bringing quality education and sports projects to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Balkan area.

Juventus Camp

Juventus Camp will be held for second time in Sarajevo, from 22nd to 27th August of 2016. Same as the last year, the camp will take place at pitches of IUS, where the children will have all necessary conditions to experience the Juventus atmosphere.

All children aged 6 – 16 can participate in the event. There will be morning and afternoon training sessions, led by Juventus coaches. In this way, the children will enjoy in activities and education provided by experienced Juventus staff.

„When we decided to make Juventus Camp in Sarajevo, we tried to think about whole Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we will be glad to provide that experience to children from all cities within country.“, said Melvin Ahmetovic, PR & Marketing Manager of Birr Group.

Juventus Academy

„After last years Juventus Camp, we decided that Academy is our goal. We were in contact with Juventus Office for some time, regarding the Academy, since they were satisfied with the job we did in 2015 Camp in Sarajevo, they were glad to give us licence to organize year-long event.“, said Anes Memic.

As we were told, the Juventus Academy is a year-long project, where children will train 4 times a week and will play matches during weekend. The Academy will take place at „Safet Zajko“, Center for Education, Sport and Recreation, Halilovici, municipality of Novi Grad.

The children will train under, carefully selected, domestic coaches, who will be under constant supervision of Juventus staff.

Project Mission

During our chat with people involved with Juventus Camp and Academy project, we asked what is the mission of these two projects: „We are trying to give a glimpse of Juventus experience to all children who attend our Camp and Academy. Official Juventus slogan for soccer schools is „Develop people first and footballers second“, which we take as a guideline for our work. In the future, who knows, maybe some of them will become new Pogba or Dybala.“, said Melvin Ahmetovic.

It is obvious, this young and enthusiastic group of people are aiming to bring quality, education and sports programs, to Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We consider that these Juventus projects are window to promotion of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the world.

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