Jusic: Members of Armed Forces who wear RS Uniform will be sanctioned

May 14, 2019 12:15 PM

Deputy Minister of Defense of BiH for Politics and Plans Sead Jusic said that members of the Armed Forces of BiH can only wear one uniform and that the Third Infantry (RS) unit has no right to wear the uniform of the Army of Republika Srpska.

In his conversation with Klix.ba news portal, Jusic said that the law clearly stipulates what uniforms are carried by members of the Armed Forces of BiH and that there are no statutory special uniforms for which the uniforms are prescribed.

“Absolutely nothing, there is no special attitude that can carry the uniforms of the RS Army, or any other, of course, some veterans or non-governmental organizations can comply with the law, but the Armed Forces of BiH can only be in legally prescribed uniforms, “Jusic said.

Deputy Minister of Defense of BiH was asked whether the penalties are foreseen if the legal provisions regulating the wearing of uniforms are not respected. He replied that any breach of the law is the product of disciplinary and criminal responsibility.

“In that sense, sanctions for the offenders are defined according to the severity of the offense. Now I cannot talk about it,” Jusic said.


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