Jozo Frankovic, a Refugee from BiH, among the best Students in Australia

December 16, 2017 8:45 AM

Jozo Frankovic, a student from Australia, is one of the best students in this country, and he stated that he believes in the power of education and that knowledge can change everyone’s life.

Frankovic, who was a refugee from BiH, received the title of a graduate expert in the field of trade at the prestigious “Volongong” University in Australia.

Twenty-two-year-old Jozo Frankovic came to Australia when he was just four years old, together with his parents who left BiH during the war.

“My arrival to Australia happened due to the initiative of my parents. They wanted for me to grow up in a country where real family values and education are greatly appreciated,” said young Frankovic.

This young man stated that his new title can help him a lot in the future and he is planning to use his knowledge to help those who need his help the most.

“When I took a look back and recalled my journey, I realized that education is what always pushed me forward, and I believe that this education will open many doors for me in the future. Now, when I got this prestigious title, I realized that the biggest power of my journey was the knowledge I acquired, and this knowledge can change any human’s life,” stated young Frankovic.




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