Jablanica: The Jewel of Herzegovina, known for its Beautiful Nature

Jablanica is one of the most beautiful small towns in BiH, which is located in the valley of Neretva River, between Prenj and Cvrsnica. It possesses all the natural beauty and treasures that delight every guest, and offers a rich cultural and historical content that is worth visiting.

Beautiful Neretva River, rich vegetation and a moderate Mediterranean climate make ideal life for residents of Jablanica. Locals need about an hour to the seaside, and the same distance to the capital of BiH. Jablanica now has about 10,500 residents.

The municipality is rich in granite as the natural resource, it has beautiful mountains and Neretva, forests, lakes etc.

There are several objects registered as natural heritage in the municipality of Jablanica, and according to decision of the National Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments of BiH, as the natural rarity was declared gorge of Prenj (1957), Hajduk’s Doors as a natural monument (1966), spring Perutac (1954) – submerged , and spring Mlinista (1957).

Cultural and historical monuments are the necropolis of medieval tombstones (683 tombstones on 42 localities), three of which (on Dugo polje and Ponor on Risovac) were declared as national cultural monuments in BiH, as well as the remains of the city of Herceg Stjepan.

While you can enjoy the warm climate in the city, it is possible to ski in the close neighborhood. Ski center at Risovac, due to the mild climate and untouched nature, is one of the main tourist attractions. If you wish to relax in beautiful nature, surrounded by friendly people, and also to enrich your life with new knowledge, be sure to visit this town in Herzegovina.

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