Izetbegovic: Reconciliation between SDA and SBB necessary

Izetbegovic SDA-SBB Reconciliation bakirizetbegovic.baThe meeting between HDZ B&H and SDA, which started yesterday morning in the headquarters of HDZ in Mostar, ended around noon. The leaders of the two parties Dragan Covic and Bakir Izetbegovic said to the press that they hope the FB&H will get a stable parliamentary majority in coming two months.

The final agreement whether SBB will also enter into government at the level of FB&H was not reached, after first DF and then BPS left the federal coalition with SDA and HDZ B&H.

Covic has been advocating for entering of SBB into government for several months already, while Izetbegovic also lately speaks more and more about the need for reconciliation between SDA and SBB.

“I think that the political agenda of SBB and SDA is very close”, said Izetbegovic in Mostar.

“We have a framework which, according to me, includes SBB as well. We want to stabilize the circumstances, stop the conflicts, and reach a consensus when it comes to the European path of B&H”, Izetbegovic added.

The discussion about the forming of new parliamentary majority in FB&H will continue soon, announced the leaders of SDA and HDZ B&H. when it comes to the pre-composition of the authority on the level of B&H, actually the announcements that SNSD might replace DF and the Alliance for Changes, Covic said that is depends on the DF whether they will leave or stay in the government on the level of B&H as well.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba/ photo bakirizetbegovic.ba)

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