Ivantsov: Russia acts as an equal and fair Partner


“Russia is not threatening or imposing its will on anyone but acting as an equal and fair partner,” Russian Ambassador to Bosnia-Herzegovina Petr Ivantsov said in Sarajevo on Wednesday night.

Addressing a February 23rd reception – Day of the Patron Saint of the Russian Federation, attended by Republika Srpska President Zeljka Cvijanovic and BiH’s Presidency Member Milorad Dodik, Ivantsov said the holiday honors those who have bravely defended and continue to defend their borders through history Russia from external threats.

“Unfortunately, there is still confrontation in the world. We are still witnessing attempts to use military and economic pressure, actions in the spirit of the archaic logic of keeping the dividing lines and geopolitical games,” Ivantsov emphasized.

He warned of the collapse of the international security framework, which has been built for decades because, following the liquidation of the Anti-Missile Defense Restriction, the Agreement on the Elimination of Medium and Small Range Missiles disappeared, and the Russian proposal to introduce a moratorium on the production and deployment of these missiles was rejected.

“In this context, Russia is making efforts to reduce international tensions, ensure strategic stability, establish a fair world order, and advocates that numerous regional conflicts are solved through diplomatic channels only,” Ivantsov emphasized.

He recalled that this year Russia celebrates 75 years since the victory in World War II, stating that the tradition of anti-fascism has been nurtured in BiH as well as in Russia, Avaz news portal reports.




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