Italian Ambassador to BiH: Italy is the second Trading Partner of BiH

Italian Ambassador to BiH Nicola Minasi stated that he is extremely happy to open the “Business Forum Italy – Bosnia and Herzegovina” last week. This event represents an important opportunity for Italian companies, politicians, and experts to discuss together on how to boost growth and achieve success in BiH.

Minasi added that the presence of Italian companies in BiH’s economy is quite relevant because Italy is the second trading partner of BiH with 1.5 billion euros in exchange.

Minasi stated that Italian companies directly employ more than 10,000 people in all sectors, while Italian banks account for about one-third of the banking market in BiH.

“Italian companies and business representatives represent a valuable segment of the economy, and their insights into the problems and suggestions can be very useful for improving general business opportunities. With the help of numerous guests from Italy and BiH, we have identified some key areas for possible improvements,” was stated by Ambassador Minasi.

Minasi stated that deeper dialogue between enterprises and institutions, a better link between the education sector and the employment sphere, infrastructure modernization, liberalization and market opening, and stimulation of youth entrepreneurship, was agreed at the forum.


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