It is not true that I was taken off the Lists of Boxing Organizations!

13228123_1771979929705350_896397712_nGerman boxer of Bosnian origin Felix Sturm, born as Adnan Catic, claims that he was not taken off the lists of boxing organizations.

“Whole day I am receiving calls from my relatives and friends, who are asking me about the information that appeared in BH media. That’s not true and it can be checked. That is nonsense. Everyone can enter the site of the organization in which I am champion and see everything,” stated Catic.

Otherwise, Catic was accused of doping in mid-April. Apparently, Catic’s “A sample” was tested positive for an illegal substance stanozolol.

World champion with BiH roots emphasized back then that he does not care and that he will request for testing of the B sample. Since the athletes give two samples of blood or urine during regular testing, one bottle is used as A sample, and the other as B sample.

“When all of this is over I will say a lot, you will be able to write a book. My lawyers are working on solving the case. I’ll reveal you something. My lawyers asked for the papers that are confirming doping long time ago. However, to this day, nothing was delivered” discovered Catic.

To recall, Catic defeated Fedor Chudinov in February this year, and became world WBA middleweight Champion for the 5th time.

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