Irfan Glogić winner of the U.S. Presidential Scholarship of the Ohio University

m32_161123136Irfan Glogić, a successful mathematician from Sjenica, is the winner of the prestigious scholarship of the U.S. Ohio University.

Hanbaek Lyu and Irfan Glogić, both PhD candidates of the Ohio University, are rewarded with the prestigious recognition presented by this university. On that occasion, both of them will be given an opportunity for personal specialization and work on their PhD theses.

The presidential scholarship is awarded to 20 best students from all 94 PhD programs of this university.

Irfan graduated from the Turkish Bosnian College and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Sarajevo, Department of Mathematics, with maximum GPA, thus deservedly earning the recognition Golden Badge of the University of Sarajevo.

He is currently attending PhD studies in the USA at the Ohio State University and works as an assistant at the Department of Mathematics.

Irfan speaks English and Turkish fluently, and he has some basic knowledge of Spanish and German.

(Source: klix.ba)

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