IPA Funds for the Program of Cross Boarder Cooperation of B&H and Montenegro

prekogranicna_saradnjaB&H Council of Ministers determined at the last session the proposal to proceed the Financial Agreement between B&H and European Commission in regard to the program B&H- Montenegro within the instruments of pre -accession assistance for 2013.  It was concluded that the Ministry of Finance and Treasure to submit the Proposal to the Presidency of B&H for further procedure.

“The program of cross boarder cooperation B&H- Montenegro” for 2007-2013 was revised, including the proposal of the funding for 2013 adopted in November of last year.

To implement this program is important that both parties agree on the funding. The conditions for the support provided by the EU will be established, also the rules and procedures in regard to the funds, including the conditions of operations. This program is in accordance with the state sector strategies of Montenegro and B&H.

The program will be implemented by the European Commission on centralized basis. The realization of cross boarder cooperation will be developed within the operation structure that was established in accordance to the article 139 of IPA Implementing Regulation. The total value of the program for 2013 is estimated to be 1.411.764 euros and this amount will be divided in half for each country, meaning 705.882 euros for Montenegro and the same amount will go to B&H.

(Source: Fena)

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